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Do you have trouble getting down on the floor?


• Adjustable headrest

• Nothing to assemble—just remove from the box and unfold

• 1" high density foam for better body movement. Tables with thicker foam have a tendency to absorb the body movement.

• Dimensions: 73" long by 30" wide, the headrest will add approx. 11" in length

• Weight: Approx. 45 pounds

• Adjustable height from 21" up to 34"

• User weight limit 375 pounds

• 600 pound working weight

The Clark Exerciser 2000 Elite® Table
is a great accessory and is specially designed
to use with the
Exerciser 2000 Elite®!

Passive Exercise Can
Make You Feel Great!

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We guarantee you will enjoy using the
Exerciser 2000 Elite™ or your money back.

Kneading Fingers Platinum. The Kneading Fingers 2000™ employs two thumbs that deliver the closest to a real massage compared to any machine on the market.

Experience the Q2
The complex energy fields of
the Q2 B.E.F.E. Water Energy System can rebalance and realign your body's energy field. This is the Original from Australia.

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