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During the past twelve years, massage therapy in the United States has become more and more popular. Massage can provide relief for all walks of life. The value of massage in both the prevention of injury and the acceleration of healing of injuries has gained acceptance and recognition throughout the medical fields.

The Revolutionary Kneading Massager That's All Thumbs

The Kneading Fingers 2000™ employs two thumbs that deliver the closest to a real massage compared to any machine on the market. It is designed to virtually duplicate the firm action of a trained masseur.

The New Kneading Fingers 2000™ Platinum has been engineered and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure reliability and many years of service. It can be used for commercial use in pain clinics, health and exercise clubs, or it can be used at home.

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The Exerciser 2000 Elite!
The Top of the Line, Exerciser 2000MultiSpeed Elite is the most advanced Passive Aerobic Exerciser on the market today, and a $uper value.

Experience the Q2
The complex energy fields of
the Q2 B.E.F.E. Water Energy System can rebalance and realign your body's energy field. This is the Original from Australia.

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