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A formal scientific study by
Dr James Hardt of the Biocybernaut Institute, in San Francisco. PDF

Testimonial by
Lieutenant Colonel

Each "Q" Session is like standing in the ocean and drinking all of the energy flowing around me. I have not felt this good in decades.
- Ann Benoit, Nutrional Consultant

Its hard to beleive how good I feel now. When I get up in the morning, I'm not all stiff and sore.
- Ed Dalpe, Quantum & Masso Therapist

The "Q" has consistently given me the feeling of overall wellbeing and lightness. I have more energy and my ability to concentrate has greatly improved.
- Tara Ishaya, QXCI
Practitioner and Herbalist

The first time I stepped into the quantum field, I felt as if my life were being given back to me. People who know me say my "Sparkle" has returned.
- Karen Justice,
Author, Networker & Designer

I run a detox clinic and use the Q2 Energy Spa on all my clients religously.
- Margaret Smith

I am sleeping better and I wake up in the morning feeling good. I can't remember how long it has been since I felt this good in the morning.
- LH

After having been on the "Q" three times I have to say "WOW". I have decided the "Q" is something I really don't want to live without.
- Rev. Jack Bittler, World Renouned Psychic Counselor

I have been using the "Q" every other day for the last month. I feel a great deal more joy. What could be better?
- Ingrid Mueller,
Nurse in Private Practice

Thanks so much for introducing me to the "Q"... I have been doing yoga for stress reduction and balancing for 9 years. In one "Q" session I'm as unwound and blissful as with an hour and a half of yoga...my energy is great.
- Cindy Staples,
Massage Therapist and Nutritionist

Both my husband and I enjoy using the Q2 Energy Spa. Keep up the good work! Warm Regards
- Elaina

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Please call one of our Q2 Hydro Energetic Specialist for more information 1- 877-427-1600 toll free.

Q2 Energy Spa

The Miracle Machine!
The NEW Exerciser 3000 MultiSpeed is the most advanced Passive Aerobic Exerciser on the market today. Introductory Special Price with FREE Sheepskin cover.

Bio-Mat 2000
Far-Infrared and Negative Ion Treatment System. The Bio-Mat uses Japanese Kurare's Super Fiber and Natural Jade powder to emit deep penetrating heat of far-infrared rays.

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