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  $16,000.00 OBO* 35,000 miles 3-Speed Auto Trans.  
  Chevy 454 big block, 4 barrel carb. New Bilstein Shocks New Alternator  
  New Michelin Tires* New curtains and blinds (2) New Batteries  
  New Henderson Bell Cranks Queen bed in back Couch/Bed for 2  
  New IPD Front Sway Bar New Wheel Covers Air Conditioning  
  New Henderson Rear Trac Bar New Air Lift front air bags Steer Safe (front)  
  Onan 4000 watt generator (410hrs) Portable Satellite Dish Full Awning  
  New 1500 watt inverter New Water Pump New Fuel Pump  
  New plugs, HD wires, rotor New Crankcase gasket New Tranny gasket  
  All new wires on generator New Gold Paint on bottom    
  *Price include PortaBoat ($2K)  

Engine was tuned at 25K with complete change of rotor, wires, plugs, transmission fluid, brake fluid, oil. With new crankcase, transmission, and master cylinder gaskets installed. Front wheel bearing were repacked with fresh grease. All belts were replaced and adjusted. The generator was completely serviced with new air filter, oil filter, new carburetor and oil change. Dash A/C works. Roof A/C and all appliances work perfectly. I replaced a few parts on the forced air heater and it works great now. Microwave/Convection Oven works perfectly. This rig has never been lived in and was rarely used. The engine was started ever month as maintainance. The roof however was neglected and the seams leaked which caused some damage to the interior liner. The entire rubber roof was replaced with a new rubber roof. The entire interior head liner was replaced with an updated liner material. Similar to the fabric used in new Winnebago Motorhomes. All work was done by a highly qualified RV repair facility in Cottonwood, AZ. The new rubber roof and interior liner insure that their will be no problems for many years to come. There was no water damage to the walls or any other area of the rig. This rig has a reinforced steel structure. The exterior Awning is in good condition. The interior is fantastic. All seating fabric looks new. The carpet is in good condition. New curtains and valances throughout. New privacy curtain for the front across the windshield. The walls look new with no nail holes or other blemishes.

The new inverter, with 4 new 6V batteries (March 2007), runs the LCD TV and VCR/DVD for days without needing to run the generator.

In December 2005 I had the seals replaced on the master cylinder, the crankcase, and the transmission. These were hardened because it had set for so long. I spent $1,500 having this work done so I have now taken care of all problem that would have resulted from setting for years. I also added a new fuel pump and new in-line fuel filter at this time.

This Motorhome is now in near perfect condition. The only thing left to do would be to repaint the bottom gold on the motorhome as it shows some signs of oxidation, even after removing multiple layers of oxidation. Update: The gold was repainted January 2006. The top tan area looks great.

I purchased this motorhome in August of 2004 with 19,700 miles, drove it from Oklahoma to Arizona and then proceeded to replace and repair everything it needed. I have put over $26K into this motorhome. The suspension has been restored to better then new condition. Many of the new suspension parts are better then the original equipment. I figured it was worth the restoration since the mileage was low and the interior was in excellent condition except for the curtains and blinds, which have been replaced. I have taken her on several trips and have had other financial issues become more pressing. This is a rare opportunity for the buyer of this wonderful motorhome. Most of the time when you buy a used motorhome it is one that has been sitting or under maintained for several years. It's difficult to know what it is going to need once you make the purchase. With this motorhome, you can be VERY confident that I have meticulously when through every area of this motorhome and restored her mechanically and cosmetically to excellent condition. You will have no surprises. I probably went a little overboard with all the work I put into the suspension, but I wanted her to be road worthy as most new rigs on the road today.

In March of 2007, I had 4 new 6V batteries installed and linked together in series, and then in parallel. I had an aluminum box made for the additional 2 batteries ($300). This gives the coach a lot of AC electrical capacity. I ran my TV/DVD and house lights for 3 days at Zion National Park before the batteries ran low. I also had my RV technician install a new power converter with 3-stage battery charger, and an electronic battery information panel. Total cost for the work done in March was just over $1,100.00.

Check out http://www.hendersonslineup.com/crank-1.htm for more information about the latest technology parts that I had installed on this motorhome.

This is Winnebago's first full basement model motorhome. The storage is extensive with two compartments that go all the way through. Call me if you would like more information or have any questions about this motohome that is ready for the road.

  Daniel Higgins  
(4) 8R/70/19.5 Rear Sedona, Arizona  
  (2) 245/70/19.5 Front 928-284-5956  

Mileage now (4/12/09) just under 35,000. I can't resist those weekend trips to the lake and mountains.

There is some delamination in this area under the refrigerator vent

Some cracking of maroon stripe on this side. Other side is better.

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